About Us

Lal Teer Seed Limited is the first research-based ISO 9001:2015 certified seed company in the private sector in Bangladesh. We have been engaged to develop, produce, process, and market high-quality seeds. Lal Teer develops high yielding seed varieties of vegetables, rice, wheat, maize, jute, cotton, oilseeds, pulses, and flowers that are suitable for our local conditions. To date, Lal Teer has developed more than 175 varieties of 45 different crops. With long experience of over 25 years with the country’s agriculture, we love sharing our innovations and ideas with the urban gardeners. Our fantastic range of vegetable Mini Pack seeds offers only the varieties that are the most suitable for urban gardeners,   based on good taste,   easy cultivation culture, and outstanding yield. All our varieties are tested by our own R&D in different climate zones of Bangladesh to ensure you get the best vegetable possible. Each seed Mini Pack comes with full cultivation guidelines and useful tips. So, from the experienced gardeners to the complete newbies, our range of seeds will help you to maximize your yield and satisfaction.